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Visualize Go process metrics in real-time

One day, it became necessary to have a tool to easily observe resource consumption trends of a Go process. I’m aware that there are tons of APM tools out there; also, Go has enough profiling tools including pprof.

Understanding how AES encryption works

I recently had the opportunity to encrypt/decrypt stuff using AES, but I didn’t know it inside out well. I couldn’t help but be curious about how it is working, and I realized my mind could only be satisfied by digging deeper into its implementation.

Take a walk the Go AST

What do you refer to when you’re curious about the Go AST? A document? Source code? While reading the documentation helps you understand it in the abstract, you can’t see how APIs relate to each other, etc.

Digging deeper into the analysis of Go-code

The analysis of source code at the syntactic level can help you with your coding in a variety of ways. For that, the text is almost always converted to AST first to make it easier to handle in most languages.

Depth of module

Click here for Japanese version This article summarizes the concept of deep module described in the book “A Philosophy of Software Design” written by Professor John Ousterhout at Stanford University, and is written with permission of him.

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