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Write a time-series database engine from scratch

This blog post walks you through how to implement a time-series database engine based on what I’ve learned from my experience of writing a lightweight one from scratch.

Fixed/Variable-length encoding in Go

This post covers how to use the standard encoding/binary package to encode binary according to a custom format, and how it works.

Visualize Go process metrics in real-time

One day, it became necessary to have a tool to easily observe resource consumption trends of a Go process. I’m aware that there are tons of APM tools out there; also, Go has enough profiling tools including pprof.

Understanding how AES encryption works

I recently had the opportunity to encrypt/decrypt stuff using AES, but I didn’t know it inside out well. I couldn’t help but be curious about how it is working, and I realized my mind could only be satisfied by digging deeper into its implementation.

Take a walk the Go AST

What do you refer to when you’re curious about the Go AST? A document? Source code? While reading the documentation helps you understand it in the abstract, you can’t see how APIs relate to each other, etc.

Digging deeper into the analysis of Go-code

The analysis of source code at the syntactic level can help you with your coding in a variety of ways. For that, the text is almost always converted to AST first to make it easier to handle in most languages.

A choice to start small Service Mesh

Now, the architecture called Service Mesh is attracting attention in the Microservice industry. There are various products for realization, but I made a small control-plane called sxds.

Go × Clean Architecture implementation pattern

Click here for Japanese version What is Clean Architecture? It could be thought an architecture pattern that dissociates interest by realizing: